Mostly scratch-cooked contemporary fare with a little flair is served in this pleasant, relatively new and casual establishment


"For a smooth and soothing finish to any meal here, I recommend slurping dessert by ordering the Strawberry Blonde cocktail ($10) last. Sipping the potent, sweet and creamy beverage made with OYO vanilla-bean vodka, New Albany-sourced Tessora limoncello and fresh fruit is like having your strawberry shortcake and drinking your martini, too."

Best New Restaurants 2017: Soulshine Tavern & Kitchen

PUBLISHED Feb 21, 2018 | COLUMBUS Monthly

"In a world of upscale bars and gastropubs, it’s difficult for a restaurant under the moniker of “tavern” to distinguish itself, but Andrew and Shanda Arthurs’ Soulshine Tavern & Kitchen has done just that. Borrowing its name from the easygoing 1994 Allman Brothers song, Soulshine hits all the right notes to appeal to the widest possible crowd."

Table Talk: Chef, owner don’t mind letting ‘simple’ menu shine

PUBLISHED Jul 17, 2017 | This Week Community News

"Some entrepreneurs struggle with naming their restaurant. Defining a particular style, food and ambience in one or two words can be the source of endless frustration.Andrew and Shanda Arthurs didn’t have that problem. 'Soulshine,' an Allman Brothers Band song from 1994, clicked with couple and seemed to capture the vibe of their restaurant, Soulshine Tavern & Kitchen at 266 E. Main St. in New Albany."

The new Soulshine Tavern & Kitchen serves up comfort food that’s just what the doctor ordered


"Soulshine has been open for a couple of weeks and, so far, it’s a big hit. It’s a great place to sit down and grab a bite and a beer with your pals or impress someone on a date."

Restaurant Guide: 8 new Columbus restaurants to know

PUBLISHED Apr 18, 2018 | COLUMBUS Monthly

"Over his years working in sports management for Ohio State athletics and the Columbus Crew, Andrew Arthurs took notes on the restaurants he visited while traveling with his wife, Shanda, noting menu items, atmosphere and clientele. Eventually those notes took shape as a business plan, and this June the Arthurs’ first restaurant venture, Soulshine Tavern, opened in New Albany. Inhabiting the former space of Ella Restaurant, Soulshine takes its name from the easy-going 1994 Allman Brothers tune."

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